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A few vital points you must know for a Dubai hotel booking

Dubai is everyone’s favorite holiday destination. It surely has some top-notch hotels for pampering every kind of traveler. But at the same time, if you hail from a different part of the world, then you may not be used to some of the regulations of Dubai’s hotels. So, before you opt for a Dubai hotel booking, here are a few points you must familiarize yourself with:


i.    Smoking room or non-smoking room: Most hotels have smoking rooms which are reserved especially for the smokers. In case, you are a compulsive smoker, then you must make sure to book such a room. You would be barred from smoking if you book a non-smoking room. Smoking rooms will cost you a bit more, but you can grab them at discounts from top travel agents.

ii.    Sharing the same room: Back in your country, you may be quite used to sharing a room with your girlfriend or boyfriend. UAE, however, has some strict religious and social norms. It is considered a sin to stay in the same room unless the couple is a married couple. So, if you are touring Dubai with your ladylove, better ask for separate rooms. Some top hotels do not pester the foreigners with intimate questions and often allow couples to share a single room, provided that they keep mum about their relationship status.

iii.    Steep tariffs: When you are opting for Dubai hotel booking, you must prepare yourself to face steep tariffs. Most of the city’s hotels are exuberant in style, décor and services. So, they usually come with hefty prices. Ideally, you can book rooms under holiday packages and tour packages offered by experienced tour


5 special attractions tourists always visit during their Abu Dhabi trips

Abu Dhabi is a warm and welcoming city in the heart of UAE. It is a much-visited destination and has a number of attractions to offer to people of all ages.


Here are some special attractions tourists always visit during their Abu Dhabi trips:

i.    Ferrari World: Ferrari World is a theme park which has been designed to give tourists some fabulous rides on cars of all kinds. It is thrilling and offers top-level speed.

ii.    Sheikh Zayed Mosque: This mosque is a religious place and a vital point of interest for the tourists. It is colossal in length and breadth and is extremely photogenic to the eye. Foreign tourists may not be able to step inside the mosque due to religious norms, but even standing by its side can be a great moment.

iii.    Abu Dhabi Mall: Abu Dhabi Mall is the most popular shopping complex in the town. It is a modern-day structure designed to delight the eye and built to provide ample leg space to thousands of its visitors. The mall houses hundreds of shops and stores, and has almost every kind of brand you could ask for. It is also a cool place to hang out for the foodies and the gamers.

iv.    National Auto Museum: This is a must-visit place for tourists who have a fetish for vintage cars. This auto museum houses some old-age cars, many of which have eyebrow-raising builds and designs.

v.    Arabian Wildlife Park: Tourists also make sure to pay a visit to the Arabian Wildlife Park during their Abu Dhabi trips. It is a wildlife park which is actually a large stretch of deserted land housed by hundreds of untamed creatures.

Fujairah hotel booking: Which is the best hotel of Fujairah?

Fujairah’s reputation as a tourist destination is growing at an alarming rate. Even though most UAE visitors have Dubai or Abu Dhabi uppermost on their mind, they are also making a quick trip at Fujairah to run through its popular attractions. If you are planning to spend a few days in this corner, then you are advised to arrange for an advanced hotel booking. Though, there are many good hotels in the town, but you may find many of them as fully booked especially if you are visiting during the prime tourist season.

For Fujairah hotel booking, you can look for hotels which are considered the best. One of the noted hotels is the Hilton Fujairah Resort. It belongs to the famous Hilton groups of resorts and is hence a top brand that offers full satisfaction to its guests. It also scores because of its idyllic location by the sea. So, many travelers have voted for this hotel as their top favorite.

Another hotel which has made a niche for itself is the Fujairah Rotana Resort & Spa. It is a luxury hotel which has palatial charms and grand décor. Its round-the-clock room services will really leave you with a sense of feeling pampered. Besides, this hotel too is huddled up beside the beach and offers tourists with a fully satisfying and rejuvenating experience. Its tariffs are steep but if you can afford to splurge, then you must not shy away from booking this one.

Thus, when it comes to the best hotel, different tourists have their different choices. Some hotels enjoy an edge in terms of services while some prove a point for their salubrious location. Hence, it is always a wise thought to take professional assistance for Fujairah hotel booking.

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Emirates holidays: Adventure games to try in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Emirates holidays have become very coveted since they not only tempt your eyes with some towering attractions but also test your adrenaline with some really thrilling adventure sports. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, you are likely to come against some really enticing sporting opportunities.

Here are some of these games you must try to make the most of your trip:

i. Hot air balloon ride: If you haven’t before tried the hot air balloon ride then you must use this trip to go for it. It brings thrill beyond compare and is bound to throw you into a delightful phantasmagoria. On a hot balloon, you would be taken up to the sky from where you can enjoy perfect views of the landscape of the country.

ii. Quad biking: Quad biking is easy and very exciting. Besides, it is relatively cheap and it does not cost you much to try one ride of a few minutes. It is very popular in dry regions and in sandy areas especially near the deserts and mountains.

iii. Camel riding: Emirates holidays must mandatory include one ride of the camel, the ship of the desert. It would be a charming and memorable experience to go for a camel ride. But make sure to wear a head cap if you are traveling over the deserts and the sun is burning hot.

iv. Indoor skiing: At the Dubai Mall, you can try indoor skiing which is extremely popular amongst both the kids and the adults. It can be a tad costly but the fun would be worth the money.